June 16, 2006

Alex Barnett blog : Microformats Podcast

Microformats ???? Appear to be quite popular in the HR/Tech industry. I, personally, have no idea what they’re rabbiting on about, but I think (from the sounds of things) it would be a good idea if i did 🙂

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Too infinity and beyond …

June 2, 2006


Lunch with Em, Yol and Cam at Satay Bar 

Caught  up with Burnie yesterday (who mistakenly thought  he was coming along to Gibbo’s surprise return).

Ended up having drinks with Stuart at the oxford.

Then went back to his place to watch some Space above and beyond.

On the way, he told me (again) how A. Beggs from Medibank had met him on a tram a while back and when he tried to suggest that Beggs should call me about some work was told (too his face) that Beggs didn’t really rate anyone from Medibank except Dennis M. Woah (I just hadn’t remembered that part of the story).

I totally had a ‘fight or flight’ response. Luckily it was from a pretty good place. Actually very similar to the conflict I had the previous week with King, I didn’t believe that I needed to second guess myself based on Beggs comments (I don’t really respect him that much, and the story made me less so); but I had to acknowledge a 10% ‘let’s get him factor’ (probably just the adrenaline talking). The other thing I had to fess up too was that if I had heard that story the same way a couple of years back (when it happened) it probably would have affected me a lot more.  

So overall good thing. But put that alongside dance teacher quitting and a lettuce spinning out of control … perfect end to a perfect week 😉 (only kidding really I’m quite impressed at how much more ‘in-control’ i stay).

The Land of Mazlen

May 18, 2006

What would the world look like if I had a say. Its all very well to pick at the edges, but unless you have ‘alternative policy’ of your own its a bit of a lame arse effort.


So what have I got  … how would things work.


1. No one would get hurt by other people

2. Everyone could always start again if they wanted to.

3. No one would ever die unless they wanted to start again fresh.

4. So pretty much like some sort of online game where you could always start a new character with no player killing.


I think the reason people get frustrated with the world is because somewhere in their psychology they know that eventually the game is over and they regret the moves they made that mean that maybe they wont win.


So when you die is the game really over ?

What does it mean to ‘win’ life ?

Obviously we cant really study ‘death’ and ‘life’ they are part of the systems we exist in; but maybe we should look at other parts of the system and, by way of metaphor, see if we can observe similiar principles.


Assumption One: the whole system of existence has some sort of general cohesive pattern such that by studying the things inside of it we will be able to understand the functions of the whole.  


May 18, 2006

Dance lesson with Lisa

Meeting with EA team to try to get our asses into gear for the assignment.

V.Quick lunch with Cam and the Satay bar he’s just got a new dog and his job seems to be keeping him happily occupied.  


May 15, 2006

Videos at   Dom’s ate  far too many party pies.

Mother’s day lunch with Lisa’s crew; nice to see everyone after a while.

Very sleepy wakeup post mega late games night.

Scramble to get work posted for Enterprise Architecture assignment 3.  

Specs from Joel

May 10, 2006

I think Joel is a smart guy with a lot of good advice for both new and vetern programmers.  


Here’s an example of what Joel Sposky thinks is a bad spec


 And a good one (that of course he wrote 😉



 I guess to follow some of Joel’s advice I’m practicing my writing by thinking about the pros and cons of his ideas.

 It’s my opinion that to just take on what he says blindly would be a discredit both to his amusing ranting style and my own intelligence.


Joel says you shouldn’t template functional specs. However another argument says that if you don’t have a template, how do you know what isn’t there ?? While I like the idea that I think Joel is trying to express …


KISS; Have fun; Let others have fun with you.


I think this can sometimes come into conflict with another idea. People using systems have generally gotten along a lot further than people just winging it (Joel seems to argue this as well); and isn’t a template a lot like a system.


So to quote, and implement, another perl of wisdom from one of Joel’s articles

‘Decisions in ten minutes or the next one is free’ 😉 


I’d say that a battery of well targeted templates (so that each section is one that is both expected by the reader and relevant) would be the way to go.


Pros: Benefits of consistent reader expectations. Joel argues that all books on your shelf arent’ the same but at the same time don’t you hate it when you’ve got one of those bit Biology encylopedias that just doen’t fit.


Cons: You might end up having to write ‘this section not relevant’ in a few lame duck templates; which might in turn prompt to you to create another more specialised template if the same problem keeps coming up.  

You should be dancing Yeah !!!

May 9, 2006

Went to double lesson/group lesson with Lisa where we forked over the big dollars for our general variety program. It’s heaps of fun so I’m pretty sure its worth it.

Spent most of the day discussing Lettuce with Jane. Caught up with Patrick for a coffee late in the day where he told me Florence and He were going to give IVF a go for the child rearing stuff.


Got home and pretty much flaked out after an interesting chat with mum about grown up stuff. 🙂



Sunday Bloody Sunday

May 8, 2006

Had a big chat with L. today about our phyiscal relationship. Little bit intense, but all went sweetly in the end.

Watched a bunch of Veronica mars at home while L. went to work.

Caught up latter and watched half of pride and predjudice while getting progressively more sleepy.

 Read a bit of the amber chronicals. work up next to beautiful L 🙂 (So happy).

Code Diary

April 27, 2006

Got To Work

Got Organised.

Implemented ‘Code Diary’ (Kinda). 

Backed up the Lettuce Source Safe

Sorted out Presentation for EA2 assignment with Inge

 Ran out of time for other Lettuce stuff so went and met Lisa (who wasn’t feeling too well) for Dinner with Nat, Carl and Lisa’s folks.

Bought Lisa Waffles on the way (she’d never tried one before).

Dinner with Nat, Carl and Lisa’s folks was great.

Came home intending to work on Lettuce stuff I’d missed.

Fell asleep watching ‘My So Called Life’ (which is really good 🙂

Told a few people about my daily story idea (which I quite like and am thinking about using for a toasties speech, which I have to give on Monday (argle) :-S 

Dancing with the stars

April 20, 2006

Dancing class with Lisa was fun, learned some leads which was cool.

Had a chat with Michael F. who is expecting to be a father sometime in the next 6 months which is cool too.

Spent the day preparing the requirments stuff for LCD stage 2. Sent that to matt.

Went home and watched house.