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Beers with the Boys

March 31, 2006


Had a beer with Zoran and Stuart after RMIT class today, really a very interesting discussion about project managmenet and software development. Zoran shared with me a story and parallel idea for a generic complaints website database (based on the angry commuter celebrity). And I told him about my alumni community idea.


Then came back to Lettuce to do the build and solve the last few bugs. Then home, researched topic maps and software, till so sleepy that fell asleep.  


Drinks with Stu

March 30, 2006

Had a lazy morning. Didn’t go to lettuce just stayed home, did some RMIT work that had been bugging me and watched episodes of TMNT (which is really very good ).  

Had coffee with Burinie in the afternoon and we agreed to develop a nutritional logging application for the pocket pc together.  

Also possibly working on a documentary(s) when Burnie gets some time.  

Went to my Team meeting for EA assignment 2 and had a bit of a chat with my Team  Member Stuart (over a couple of Bevies , about agile verus non-agile development and life/work balance approaches).

Bumped into Birger in the supermarket (while I was grabbing some snacks to take to Lettuce), he’s moved to footsgray now, and is working for a software development company that does healthcare and the CAE 😉


Tried to chat to Lisa on the way home, but the stoopid tram was just too loud and i couldn’t hear her.  


March 28, 2006

Was spectacularly  successful at not doing my RMIT  teamwork prep. But did manage to tidy up my room a little bit 🙂

New battery for my tablet arrived, but I couldn’t work out which connector to use to Stayed up late watching that star wars cartoon that I downloaded 🙂

Went and borrowed the book Agile Modeling from the RMIT library, really interesting ideas in there 🙂


Sunday Tea with Rho and Co.

March 27, 2006

Went to tea for Rho’s birthday, with Patrick, Sar, Mum, Dad and Sar’s boyfriend. (and of course Rho).

Also attended (earlier) Luke and Jo’s BBQ at Luke’s mum’s house, where they were able to watch the men’s cycling go buy.

Then home for a lazy tea and snuggle with Lisa 🙂 (how nice).


Did I mention we rode our bikes everywhere on this day and my legs are definately tired at the end of it all 🙂 

The presentation that wasn’t

March 24, 2006

Spent much of the day in significant anticipation of a 15 minute uni presentation that it was looking quite likely I would have to do on my tod. Having done a couple of run throughs, bought myself a usb key to keep the presentation on and totally psyched myself up for it. Got to uni and discovered that the teacher had made a mistake and we didn’t need to give one. Keith Frampton (the teacher) had seen me at the hockey the other night. A enterprise architect guy gave the guest lecture with a great overview of enterprise architecture and modeling techniques. Things to follow up on are meta models, meta meta models and the Meta group.

Drinks with Adam

March 23, 2006

Caught up with Eugene (who might be doing his own thing sometime around September) Adam got his job at  ‘Lonely Planet’  we had drinks at the Sherlock Holmes to celebrate. Came back to the office (a bit tipsy) and attempted to prepare for the group presentation for EA assignment 1 (doh !!!) I finished the data extract functions for iceberg and had to ride back to Lettuce at 4am to check I hadn’t left the toastie machine on (doh!!)

A day at the track

March 22, 2006

Reasonable day, ended up teaching Luke hoto to program Lettuce web pages which was fund and will add ‘Training and Development’ to my resume skils 😉

Discovered Janny Wurts has not complted the series of books I am reading of hers (grrr …) I hate getting marooned med-series,


Eneded up scoring some free tickets to see the hokey with Angus, Susan and Lisa (barbados v. Scotland & Malysia v. India) both matches were a bit of a walk over, but it was fun to go and catch some of the that commonwealth spirit


got home late, still no gym, tried to go to bed early (didn’t work).  


March 22, 2006



March 21, 2006


Just another magic monday

March 20, 2006

Late start (doh … so no gym again … starting to take on a psychic barrier type feel … gotta punch through tomorrow, early night no execuses!!!

Coffee with Dave, just talked about tech and stuff, fun though.  


Toastmasters was fun, I  won  best table topic (again … yay me !!!), and went out for a drink with everyone after for Elaine’s fairwell drinks (she’s going back to UK).


Found a cool graphing library on an opensource framework written in c# (of course I can’t remember the name now but it was on code project … netron !!! that’s it … or something similar.