Drinks with Stu

Had a lazy morning. Didn’t go to lettuce just stayed home, did some RMIT work that had been bugging me and watched episodes of TMNT (which is really very good ).  

Had coffee with Burinie in the afternoon and we agreed to develop a nutritional logging application for the pocket pc together.  

Also possibly working on a documentary(s) when Burnie gets some time.  

Went to my Team meeting for EA assignment 2 and had a bit of a chat with my Team  Member Stuart (over a couple of Bevies , about agile verus non-agile development and life/work balance approaches).

Bumped into Birger in the supermarket (while I was grabbing some snacks to take to Lettuce), he’s moved to footsgray now, and is working for a software development company that does healthcare and the CAE 😉


Tried to chat to Lisa on the way home, but the stoopid tram was just too loud and i couldn’t hear her.  


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