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Code Diary

April 27, 2006

Got To Work

Got Organised.

Implemented ‘Code Diary’ (Kinda). 

Backed up the Lettuce Source Safe

Sorted out Presentation for EA2 assignment with Inge

 Ran out of time for other Lettuce stuff so went and met Lisa (who wasn’t feeling too well) for Dinner with Nat, Carl and Lisa’s folks.

Bought Lisa Waffles on the way (she’d never tried one before).

Dinner with Nat, Carl and Lisa’s folks was great.

Came home intending to work on Lettuce stuff I’d missed.

Fell asleep watching ‘My So Called Life’ (which is really good 🙂

Told a few people about my daily story idea (which I quite like and am thinking about using for a toasties speech, which I have to give on Monday (argle) :-S 


Dancing with the stars

April 20, 2006

Dancing class with Lisa was fun, learned some leads which was cool.

Had a chat with Michael F. who is expecting to be a father sometime in the next 6 months which is cool too.

Spent the day preparing the requirments stuff for LCD stage 2. Sent that to matt.

Went home and watched house.  

Working Late

April 12, 2006

Started work late, ended work late. Worked on process issues, a few bugs and a lot of pocket pc stuff. We lost that job so its more of a personal mission now, but I’ll be ready for next time 🙂 

Caught  up with Burnie  late last night for tea. He was going back to work and so was I , so that was kind of kooky. But still nice to share some stories and a bit of Japanese.

Wednesday, Thursday … happy days.

April 7, 2006

Taichi with Paul (who just recieved an email for the head of a shaolin temple in China ).

Bit more research and code boffining at Lettuce.

Uni for EA (with 6 funny EDS adds).

Drinks with Stuart at the Oxford (talked about the validity of selling poor featured products to companies that require ownership/control of software)

Back to Lettuce for chit chat with Angus and a 1230 leave (still fun though).

Sort of drunk on the way home, got all the way b4 realizing that my lights were off (DOH!!!). 

Home for very late night viewing of ‘Lost’ 

A day of researching

April 5, 2006

three great discoveries today

 1. CamStudio great OS tool for recording screen movies and doing quick run demo’s tutorials/documentation

2. Watir a great ruby based (OS) tool for running explorer functional web tests

3. Ok maybe only two discoveries,but lots of other stuff happened as well.

I read up on object oriented design, agile technologies, test driven development.


In addition to that had dinner with Lisa (yummy Japanese noodles) and we are tentitively moving towards the 31st of March for our wedding (how exciting).


I’m downplaying how exciting this is (cause I knew it was coming), but it really is pretty amazing. Not so much the wedding (just a big party) but more the whole chapter of life wedding thing. WOO!!!! 

Come and see the baby

April 3, 2006

Sat on the couch all day watching movies with Lisa.

Visitied Chris Jude and Sarah (new baby) at 1600

Went home and watched stupid bemuda triange movie instead of working on EA project.