Too infinity and beyond …


Lunch with Em, Yol and Cam at Satay Bar 

Caught  up with Burnie yesterday (who mistakenly thought  he was coming along to Gibbo’s surprise return).

Ended up having drinks with Stuart at the oxford.

Then went back to his place to watch some Space above and beyond.

On the way, he told me (again) how A. Beggs from Medibank had met him on a tram a while back and when he tried to suggest that Beggs should call me about some work was told (too his face) that Beggs didn’t really rate anyone from Medibank except Dennis M. Woah (I just hadn’t remembered that part of the story).

I totally had a ‘fight or flight’ response. Luckily it was from a pretty good place. Actually very similar to the conflict I had the previous week with King, I didn’t believe that I needed to second guess myself based on Beggs comments (I don’t really respect him that much, and the story made me less so); but I had to acknowledge a 10% ‘let’s get him factor’ (probably just the adrenaline talking). The other thing I had to fess up too was that if I had heard that story the same way a couple of years back (when it happened) it probably would have affected me a lot more.  

So overall good thing. But put that alongside dance teacher quitting and a lettuce spinning out of control … perfect end to a perfect week 😉 (only kidding really I’m quite impressed at how much more ‘in-control’ i stay).


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